Cultivars By definition, varieties which arise in cultivation and known as cultivated varieties i.e. cultivars. These varieties do not normally come true from seed, and are propogated by various means. The resultant plants, sometimes known as ‘named varieties’, tend to be expensive, and in many cases, very much sought after. This site is intended to allow our visitors to share their knowledge and photographic images. Cultivar names are shown in single quotes.

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New Plant development

Plant lovers are always on the lookout for new delights.
I’m very fortunate that Paul Gooderham, New Plant Development Manager, R A Meredith & Son has chosen our software to record his New Plant Trials.
Read about some of the new plants introduced at their base in Bressingham:
R A Meredith New Plant Development



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Commonly referred to as  Japanese maples. Slow growing small shrubs and trees renowned for either their spring or autumn (sometimes both!) foliage. A wide variation in habit, colour, leaf shape etc!  A plant for the connoiseur, and you’ve probably guessed, my favourite.

 2nd May 03


Strictly, these plants no belong to the genus Rhododendron.
Many gardeners and nurseries continue to refer to this group as Azaleas, and since they are the main contributors to this web site, Ive gone with the flow!

25th Mar 09


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Slow growing shrubs with beautiful blooms in spring on lush evergreen foliage. A good architectural plant. Flowers are not unlike those of a rose but, in most cases, they appear a couple of months earlier.

2nd May 03


We’ve included this because... well, we’ve got our first account of the discovery and consolidation of a Chrysanthemum cultivar.

   28th Apr 01


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Small to medium trees renowned for their magnificent blooms in late spring.

   28 Apr 01





This genus is extremely popular with members of the various Alpine Gardening Clubs. A very diverse genus with at least a number of varieties suitable for most regions.

25th Mar 09

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